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Our Design Story

Stroll past the heritage-inspired red brick archways of Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets and enter another world, where a contemporary, playful yet refined interior celebrates the many flavours, colours and milestones of our neighbourhood.

Call us a cheerleader for the Market Precinct, or its biggest fan — here, our deep local connection is evident on every curated wall, in every custom piece of art, in each thoughtful furniture selection and on every delicious menu item. Get a taste of some of the bespoke, locally-inspired design features you’ll find under our roof. Be transported to some of our locale’s most momentous moments in history.

Stand over the rainbow | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

Stand over the rainbow

The tessellated tiles of South Australia’s 19th century houses get a modern revival, with our colourful geometric flooring shape-shifting and...

Pink is for pioneers | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

Pink is for pioneers

We take our hats off (and put our pink shorts on) in an homage to progressive former SA premier Don Dunstan, who championed social equality in th...

A portal  to our past | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

A portal to our past

The photogenic, iconic red brick archways of the lobby and café area are directly inspired by the traditional brickwork that is prevalent in the...

Decode to discover | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

Decode to discover

A game of hide-and-seek awaits between our walls, if we can tempt you to play. Look closely at the bricks in our lobby and find etched messages o...

Paint the town red (and blue, green, yellow…) | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

Paint the town red (and blue, green, yellow…)

Don’t forget to look up. For us, bespoke is beloved, and what could be more bespoke than a custom art installation, or five? Our collection of ...

Metal, petal | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

Metal, petal

The raw, handcrafted copper joinery you’ll find in your room is an ode to South Australia’s copper mining history. Its unique patina will cha...

A feast of festivals | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

A feast of festivals

They don’t call Adelaide the City of Festivals for nothing. Take a walk down a very creative memory lane with our extensive display of authenti...

A Focus On Sustainability | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

A Focus On Sustainability

We love the world we are in and our own little corner of it, you will too - we are raw and refined with the ethos of taking care of tomorrow. ...

Our Awards | Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets

Our Awards

Hotel Indigo Adelaide Markets opened on 01 March 2021. Since then we have been honoured with nominations for many awards. Thank you to our gue...

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